August 31, 2014

August 2014 Thank You

August was a busy month for us,  as it was for many of you, I'm sure. Between vacation, school planning, and the start of school it just flew by! Hopefully you all had a wonderful August, and now you are getting back into a routine with school. Thank you all for sticking with the through the summer!

With all the busyness of August you might have missed some of the great parties I was featured at.  I appreciate them taking the time to host and feature fun posts! Be sure to check them out; I'm sure you will find something you enjoy!

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Thanks to all of you who stop by, comment or follow along! Without you all there would be no reason to keep on writing this blog!

August 30, 2014

Cloud Dough (Flour and Oil) Sensory Bin Challenge

Remember the Sensory Bin Challenges from Little Bins for Little Hands? I never got around to doing the sand one from last month; in fact, I still haven't found my sand since we moved, but we definitely wanted to play with Cloud Dough this month!

It has been a while since we made any cloud dough around here. The first time we made it we used flour and baby oil, but this time I tried it with vegetable oil in the same amounts (8 C flour to 1 C oil). I preferred the feel of the baby oil, but the kids didn't seem to care.  You can read a little about the girls first experience with cloud dough HERE.

As you could see we were pretty much child led the first time too, and at that point they just used their hands. This time they all chose to add some toys after their initial observations. At first they thought it was just crumbly until they squeezed it! Then they saw it was mold-able as well!

The girls, like always, headed for ponies. I am starting to see a trend in our challenges.... Eli, however, chose construction equipment. All of them were pretending it was snow!

The girls were more worried about making up a story with the ponies and a terrible snow they got stuck in. Eli was content to push it around and dig with it.

It is amazing how long they entertained themselves with the Cloud Dough! Of course the kitchen was covered, but that just meant they got to practice their sweeping skills!

See the previous challenges at the links below:


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August 28, 2014

Fun, Easy Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

There are tons of cute ways to announce your impending bundle of joy! I have collected some of the easier, but still fun, ways from fellow kid bloggers, and of course I have included my own announcements too.

With our first I put together a basket of baby supplies like a bib, bottle, pacifiers, etc that the grandparents might like to keep at their house. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pictures of the baskets; guess I was too nervous about telling them that I actually forgot to take pictures!

Believe it or not this is my oldest at 7 months old sporting her Big Sister shirt! Big Brother and Sister shirts are a pretty easy way to let your little one announce a sibling! You can see another example of this at Bare Feet on the Dashboard!

I used my cricut to make a cute little card for the grandparents when I was expecting Eli. All of my kids had animal nicknames based on cravings or other pregnancy symptoms I was having, and he was monkey!

As far as telling other people, we went about it by placing monkeys throughout our church and added a hippo and a duck (for my daughters) in our normal seat. We weren't there when everyone found them, but I'm told a few did figure it out for my clues. Others apparently just thought the monkey was for my husband.

Another popular way to announce is using pictures, especially ones involving chalkboards. Tons of cute ideas out there as to what to put on the chalkboard. Check out these kid blogger favorites!

I Can Teach My Child - New Adventure Photo Announcement
The Chirping Moms - Big Sister Training 
Dirt and Boogers - Big Sibling Chalkboard Announcement

For our fourth, yep you read that right we are expecting a fourth, I went with a baby themed fireworks basket since we announced to grandparents around July 4th.  Originally I wanted to get a personalized firework,but have you seen the price of them??? Way too much! So I got creative with fireworks. If you can't read the labels I made, they are: Ready to Pop with the due date (champagne poppers), "Baby" Bottle Rockets, Stork Delivery Service (parachute), Another Little Stinker (smoke bombs), and. I included a Little Bundle of Dino-mite (pack of firecrackers) since we are calling this one our tiny Dino. I was lucky to find Rubber Ducky and Mother Goose fireworks along with one called Great Expectations as well!

A couple other cute announcements. I have see that would be easy to put together are a Preggo Kit from Mom Endeavors and a Thanksgiving Themed Count Your Blessings Announcement from Teaching Mama!

Just for the fun of it,  thought would throw in some Gender Reveal ideas too! With the girls we just told everyone, but with Eli gender reveals had started to pop up, and he was the first boy for my family, so I thought we should do something fun. 

For my family, I filled cupcakes with blue icing! My sister couldn't wait long enough to take a bite, she just ripped hers apart!

Not everyone in my husband's family can have cupcakes, so we went with neutral colored balloons filled with confetti. We were tricky though filling only one with boy confetti and the others with gender neutral confetti. My husband, being as ornery as he is, made sure to give the important balloon to my oldest, so it would be the last one popped! It was fun watching everyone pop those balloons though!

My fellow kid bloggers have tons of good gender reveal ideas too! In fact I may have to use some this time around, but I haven't decided exactly what!

I Can Teach My Child - Gender Reveal Playdough
Teaching Mama - Gender Reveal Volcano
Still Playing School - Boy Gender Reveal Ideas
See Vanessa Craft - Chalkboard Reveal
Bare Feet on the Dashboard - Gift Reveal
The Educator's Spin on It - What's it going to Bee Party

And just for my own sanity I wanted to throw in this fun post from My Life and Kids about Why Everyone should have 4 Kids!

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