How to Make Beautiful Winter Fairies from Pine Cones

8:00 PM

A couple months ago we collected some pine cones and big acorns with the intent of making some fall fairies. Well fall passed by, and in came winter and there the pine cones and acorns set. But with a little glitter and gorgeous iridescent pipe cleaners provided by, we were inspired to make some Winter Fairies

Each of the kids started by choosing a pine cone, an acorn, glitter, and matching paint color. They painted the pine cones and the cap of the acorn and then sprinkled them with glitter while the paint was still wet. 

While they we drying I created the wings. Using two pipe cleaners per acorn, I bent them into a butterfly shape and hot glued them to the back of the pine cone.

I also hot glued the head on, and the girls wanted a little sparkly pom pom (also from on their fairies hats!

They were all quite pleased with how they turned out. Even Eli flew his around the room (while making airplane noises) for a while before I took them back and glued a loop of ribbon to the back of the head to hang (if you glue it to the body they don't hang upright)!

The day after we made our winter fairies snow arrived! All the kids were super excited about the snow, and I thought the fairies would look nice in the tree (although I should have got them out there before the kids stomped through it)!

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