DIY Color Window Blocks

8:00 PM

I have always admired the blocks with the colored windows in the middle, but I have never been willing to pay for them not knowing if they would actually get played with past the first day! I was ecstatic when I saw this tutorial over at And Next Comes L (check out her other awesome posts too).  I had to make some!

So simple! Some plastic binder dividers, a couple generic Jenga games, and a hot glue gun! That's it!

As I said above I started with the tutorial over at And Next Comes L, so that is a good place to start! I found it easiest to glue all the frames together first and then adding the plastic divider. Also you will want to make sure you apply a lot of pressure to the block to adhere it evenly to make sure they are flat. Mine didn't end up as flat as I wanted, but they still stack!

I was also able to make some square frames by configuring the frames differently!

In fact Eli could not wait to get his hands on them! I made them fairly late in the day, but he was still super excited and couldn't wait to play with them.

The dividers I purchased only had 5 colors, but I made a sixth by using a read and a yellow piece to make orange!  So now we have 12 in a rainbow of colors! The fact that thy ave a wider frame comes in handy for perching small toys (like super heroes or bad guys) in before knocking them down!

I would say these were definitely worth taking the time to make! They have been a favorite since I made them! Honestly, if I had known they would be such a hit I might have spent the money on them! But I think we have plenty, and they were cheaper (always a plus)!

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